FreedomPop Starts Migration To Red Pocket Mobile And Ting

The time has come! I just received and email this morning that FreedomPop will be moving away from VoIP based services towards native, cellular texting and calling.

This means that FreedomPop free plans, which includes 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 200mb of data for GSM SIM cards (for CDMA Sprint devices, the plan includes 500mb of data), will work with any texting.calling app, including the stock dialer. This is huge.

Image result for freedompop plans
FreedomPop’s monthly cellphone plans. Notice the free plans at the bottom. On the left is the Sprint plan and on the right is the AT&T plan.

This new integration might make FreedomPop’s service the ideal plan for an iPhone, seeing as most people use iMessage, which does not count as a text but instead is an instant messaging service integrated with the texting app.

This should not have much of an effect on me, since I will continue to use Google Voice with my 6 SIM cards that I use only for data. However, it is good news for anyone who wants a free phone plan but does not want to go through the hassle of setting up Google Voice with FreedomPop.

I can’t wait for more exciting FreedomPop news to arise!





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