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  • The Phone

    The Phone

    This is an update to my post a few weeks ago about getting a Google Pixel for $30 on eBay. And it is a really good update. “The Phone,” as I call now call it, works perfectly. It didn’t have a scratch on it, and it was in pristine condition. Furthermore, the battery life is…

  • The BEST Phone Plans

    The BEST Phone Plans

    In researching cellphone plans, I realized that not everyone requires the same needs for their cellular service. For example, a teenager looking to get their first phone plan and a proprietor running their own business require vastly different service. Because of this, I decided to create a list of the best phone plans for every…

  • FreedomPop Starts Migration To Red Pocket Mobile And Ting

    FreedomPop Starts Migration To Red Pocket Mobile And Ting

    The time has come! I just received and email this morning that FreedomPop will be moving away from VoIP based services towards native, cellular texting and calling. This means that FreedomPop free plans, which includes 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 200mb of data for GSM SIM cards (for CDMA Sprint devices, the plan includes 500mb…