Worthy Capital: Get 5% Interest On Your Savings + Free $10 Signup BONUS

Get $10 when you signup for Worthy Capital with my referral link and start getting 5% interest every year!

I have used Worthy Capital since May, and it has been going great. The company offers an incredible interest rate of 5% for any money in a Worthy account.

While this is not a traditional savings account, and is thus not FDIC insured, Worthy does seem to be a legitimate way to get 5% on your savings every year, guaranteed.

The way it works is that you buy bonds, which are $10 each, from Worthy. Those bonds are invested in small businesses across the U.S. The company states that they invest all assets into “fully secured, asset-backed small business loans.” Also, it is important to note that the money is liquid and can be transferred at any time.

Ultimately, this is a LOT like what Robinhood wanted to do earlier this year with their savings account that really wasn’t a savings account.

The thing is, Worthy did it better, and you can signup today!

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Use this link to signup for Worthy Capital today and get a FREE bond worth $10.






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