Why I use Google Keep—And why You Should Too

Pen and paper. Thoughts on paper.

The ability to both retain and confer knowledge could possibly be the most important aspect of all humanity. In a digital age, there are numerous tools available that function off of the same basic principle: recording thoughts.

One of my favorite tools to accomplish this is called Google Keep.

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Not only is it free, many note taking apps are free, but it sets itself apart with added functionality and versatility.

Most notable is the fact that Keep is a part of Google’s software family. I have come to love Keep for many of the reasons that I love Gmail. The interface is clean, and it just works.

On Android, the app integrates well. For example, if one was to say, “OK, Google, make a list for me,” Keep is the default app that would be used to create a list.

Google Keep allows for cross-platform utilization, meaning you can access it via a web browser or mobile app.  Usually, I find myself taking notes on my smartphone, but the desktop interface is especially nice as well. Rest assured that all your notes are stored in Google’s cloud, so you don’t have to worry about data being spontaneously deleted.

Without a doubt, Google Keep is my go-to service for note-taking.

You can try it out for yourself here.







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