The Future Of Warfare And The Present Reality Some People Are Living In

This Twitter thread is important. It gets to the root of a lot of what is happening in our world right now and offers an informed view on where we are heading.

Given that Mr. Fellow has an interest in cybersecurity and national security, the golden tidbits from this thread are clear: reality is a domain of warfare, or “active combat theater” as the author put it. I think this connects to information warfare the best. A quintessential example of this would be the effect that the former president using Twitter had on many individuals, which was that he used information that wasn’t based in reality to create an alternate one for many, and the influence that he currently has now that he has been banned from Twitter: none.

He is no longer a player in the “active combat theater” mentioned above.

Treating reality as at least a domain of influence, if not that of warfare, seems like it would be a wise thing. This can be a little hard to wrap one’s head around, but QAnon presents an ideal real-world example of ARGs and game theory’s ability to impact the world we live in.

What is QAnon?

QAnon is literally a roleplay game world (like D&D) made by a Dungeon master, aka some guy who posted to 4chan.

Here is the last thing. Unsure how game theory can be used to understand and analyze the real world? The link below is beneficial to view if you can make 30 minutes of your day available. It embodies Practical Game Theory and its real-world application.







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