The Future Is Oh, So N(Ice)

There is a small shop on the boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey. It is called Polish Water Ice, and it is the most delightful food that my mouth has ever tasted. Ever since I was a little kid, the unique flavor of that water ice has been one of the only things that I ever thought about.

The Freemium Fellow has always been a dedicated, loyal fan. In fact, for the past 11 years, I have been purchasing the “kiddie” size of the combined flavors of Cotton Candy and Root Beer. The flavor is unparalleled.

In the future, I will open a franchise. I will create a Polish Water Ice location. As of now, I have Wilmington, North Carolina on my short list, but that can change. A location in Jersey would be great, too!

On this day, the twenty eighth day of the month of July in the year two thousand and nineteen, The Freemium Fellow made a solemn vow to (someday) own a Polish Water Ice franchise location.

Mark my words people of the internet and beyond, it will be done and it will be fun.

For now, however, I must admit that I lack the finances, experience, guts, and much more to open a franchise. Nonetheless, I am passionate about this venture. And I believe that passion breeds purpose.

Even though it is not the right time at this point in my life to buy a franchise, there are a couple of things that I am doing right now to both prepare and grow closer with the product I most believe in, Polish Water Ice:

  1. Save my money.
  2. Try to “recreate” the recipe to expand my understanding and learn more about water ice. I will start by Googling “How to make water ice” and then buying the necessary ingredients.

The website states that the inventor of Polish Water Ice invented it in his kitchen. I could definitely try to do the same! Here are the ingredients:

Now this is a dream worth chasing. I am so excited!


P.S. Their free samples are a great (and yummy) example of a freemium product, and Polish Water Ice was the first freemium product I ever tried. Check out this golden video I found online! It’s hilarious, and I can just taste the smoooooth flavor!

P.S.S The title of this article was inspired by my new favorite jazz song, “It’s Oh, So Nice,” which I will think of when I am eating Polish Water Ice 🙂





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