The Freemium Fellow Grows Up

Over the course of the past decade, The Freemium Fellow has gone on a tremendous journey. It has truly been a journey of low fees and less bills. Yet, Mr. Fellow fell short a few times when it came to the true meaning of living the Freemium Lifestyle: more fun.

Today, Mr. Fellow continues to refer to himself in the third person but he did something new. He prioritized friend and family, good times and great memories, and fun over money… After a few months of HODLing his copious $SHIB investment, he went back to his roots.

On 19 Mar, 2022, he sold $420 (hehe) worth of his $SHIB holdings to finance a very fun event with his family. And he is delighted in his decision to do so.

Much of living the Freemium Lifestyle had gone by the wayside. I forgot what freedom means. It does not mean being held a slave to frugality and never spending money. It does mean choosing to take hard earned money that has been saved from abiding by some Freemium principles and actually spending it on what matters: virtuous opportunities for myself and loved ones.

In my pursuit of excellence, I let the money get a hold on me. No longer was the purpose not to over indulge so that I could spend money and grow into the fellow I was meant to be, had more to give to others, and had more options to live financially free. Instead, it was all about the “$” symbol.

Life is not all about the “$” symbol. It’s about me, you, and the other fellas. It has been a lesson in humility that I had become the very thing I hoped to avoid: a bit of a slave to the dollar. Nonetheless, it is a learning process, and the important thing is that I recognized it is not just a journey that Mr. Fellow strives to venture—it is a joyful journey. A JOYney!!!

Here’s to the joyney and an acute awareness that all that The Freemium Fellow does it done for those he dearly loves 🙂





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  1. Frosty Avatar

    Thanks Freemium Fellow! This is an inspiring post and reminds me of a quote I love.

    “People first, then money, then things.”

    Always put people first. Most of the time that will cost us no money, just the gift of ourselves;
    Just showing up and what an amazing gift that can be for the person in front of you and to you yourself!

    Stay amazing!!!

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