Strength Through Communal Suffering

David Brooks from The Atlantic writes, “Nations survive when they can ramp up countervailing emotions and mindsets.” (article below)

What’s something you can do while living in a new world that is now being shaped by coronavirus? Start by looking at how past peoples survived crises. In the case of the British during WWII, they (1) created a sense of agency, had (2) intense social connection, (3) laughed, (4) believed in a moral purpose, and (5) practiced equality. These aren’t perfect solutions for every crisis, but that’s not the point. The point is that The Blitz acted to bond the British in a unique way. They found strength through communal suffering or at least the prospect of having to suffer.

Resilience is not easily had. All the hardships that people are enduring, and will continue to endure, because of COVID-19 present us with an opportunity to become more resilient. We all face this crisis together. That has to be the take away if we want to seize the chance to become more resilient as a nation—or as individuals.

I would read this whenever you get the chance:






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