Risks to Electrical Grid Distribution Systems

GAO-21-81, ELECTRICITY GRID CYBERSECURITY: DOE Needs to Ensure Its Plans Fully Address Risks to Distribution Systems

“The grid’s distribution systems, which carry to consumers the electricity essential to modern life, are increasingly at risk from cyberattacks.”

A bill intended to address industrial control systems (ICS) risks advanced in the U.S. House of Representatives earlier this week. The measure would assign responsibility for ICS security to CISA, which is for the best. Eventually, I think we will be needing very focused agencies and vendors that purely address cybersecurity.

Using CISA to defend the power grid is a start, but I envision a scenario where companies would be creating proprietary software/hardware for use exclusively by the government similar to how the military acquires a majority of their resources and technologies through contractors (Lockheed, Boeing, RAND, etc.); such a reality would see a new variation on governmental and public sector industrial cooperation regarding security and would resemble a cybersecurity industrial complex.







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