Rats, Oh Well

I made a mistake and bought a textbook lab access code I needed for $140 rather than $60 I could have gotten it for had I used an instructor link. That never happened before. I let the convenience of just purchasing it and getting the lab started get to me rather than taking the small effort to search around and do proper research. Feels really weird and it’s difficult to forgive myself for doing this.

But it’s okay, really okay. I learned from it. Or at least I am trying to. I actually needed this to happen because if I beat myself up too much over $60 that I could have saved, that is a pretty good indication I am headed towards a life of frugality, not of freemium. I am quite grateful I have the money to have made the mistake, and it also encourages me to be a bit more proactive about buying required items ina timely manner, not a few days before the work is due.

In the end though, it is good that it happened because I needed the reminder that I am my best investment, not me + $60 more in my bank account. It’s such a small thing that happened, but I am trying to realize that the money is a service for me and that, while it is a solid intention to enable it to use it as efficiently as possible, that the focus needs to be on me.

That might not make too much sense but I needed to try to make sense of the situation.

Lesson (maybe, hopefully, possibility) learned!

Textbook Fund Mishandler, -TFF






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