Qubit Quantum Link (QQL) Networks


Think I stumbled upon something I can really dive into… This is a really hot topic that deserves a lot of attention, and quantum computing, or the breaking down of binary 1s and 0s into smaller data packets that range from anywhere from 0-1 and are called “qubits,” can effectively mitigate a lot of hacks from occuring. However, it will also cause encryption protocols to be obsolete as well.

Important that quantum computing is years away, but networks can be built on “quantum links.” This is the key and the real prize to keep an eye on. I think this could be the definitive way to ensure the U.S. takes a defense approach to cybersecurity by suring up the technology that data packets travel through.

This topic originated after a friend shared with me an extremely intriguing interview about the life of a hacker. He talked about cybersecurity similar to how I described it in an earlier post as being a “band-aid,” and he introduced the idea of how quantum computing will affect cybersecurity and encryption.

Here it is:


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    A story I found this morning. I wonder if this can be used, or is similar in its basic concept, to blockchain. Not as a decentralized ledger for financial use but for a decentralized ledger of sorts for security purposes; think vulnerability or exploit checks that do not allow a system to communicate if a qubit is changed or tampered with. I guess this would result in the system or service being isolated from the network as a whole, which brings with it its own downsides, especially in terms of uptime or availability, but there is no denying that it could act as an almost instant autonomous killswitch for malicious tampering of data.

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