Oatmeal: A Man’s Best Friend

What has quarantine been like for The Freemium Fellow? It can be summed up in one word: Oatmeal!

Since early on in this extended time at home, I have been saving oatmeal containers I purchased. I think there’s about a dozen or so downstairs at the moment. They are stacked in a towerlike fashion.

In my pursuit of oatmeal excellence in my life, which I have decided means having at least a little bit of oatmeal every day, I stumbled upon a VERY INTERESTING trend. See below…

As you can deduce from this very analytical Google Trends report (and free mind you), there seems to be a spike in oatmeal popularity during late December/early January. What can we attribute to this alarming trend? Quite frankly, I don’t know, but I will find out! While we can deduce that the popularity of oatmeal in the U.S. has increased during recent years, especially during COVID-19, which is indicated by the most recent spike on the graph, I still cannot comprehend why the very predictable, annual spikes occur.

Could it be that oatmeal ranks among a popular New Years resolution? Or are oatmeal cookies really that popular during Christmas time? Whatever the case may be, I’m on it.

In Europe during WWII, General Dwight D. Eisenhower was quoted as saying, “If I didn’t have air supremacy, I wouldn’t be here.” That’s great and dandy for good ‘ol Ike, but there is something else that enabled me to be writing this post and having so much fun in the process. My quote goes a little bit like this:

If I didn’t have oatmeal, I wouldn’t be here

— The Freemium Fellow, 2 July, 2020, explaining the importance of oatmeal in his life during the COVID-19 global pandemic

Note: Might be making some videos soon about all the ways you can eat oatmeal. There are so many, and I want to find out which one is the best!






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