My Favorite Food

2.5lbs of watermelon contains only 80 calories. Plus, the super food is extremely filling. Those are just a couple of the reasons why I love watermelon so much! It contains water, which I love, it’s a healthy, delicious snack, and it’s not that expensive.

The only thing about watermelon is that you, or at least I, can only get it in the summer time. That’s not to say that watermelon isn’t sold year round in grocery stores, but it’s only worth buying it when it’s in season. The fruit just wasn’t meant to be enjoyed all 12 moths of the year.

Another reason I like watermelon so much is that buying it whole and cutting it yourself saves a lot of money. Buying a container of pre-sliced watermelon won’t win you any praises from family or friends, it doesn’t taste as fresh, and it’s more expensive. Simply put, there’s only a certain time to buy a watermelon, and it only holds it’s value when it’s bought in a certain way, which is el natural.

I honestly just really like watermelon. Fruit is The Freemium Fellow’s favorite food and the sweet red cubes make my summer amazing every year. Yet, there is another reason I wrote a post about watermelon.

Buying things doesn’t have to be cyclical. There will always be things you want, but there are really a finite number of things you need, and there are some things that only need to be purchased at certain times or occasions. Additionally, there are some things that don’t need to be bought at all.

This goes beyond finances. The things that don’t need to be bought or enjoyed every day, some of which I have decided are eating out, fast food, and brand-new tech products for me personally, lose their value if bought more frequently. Buying Starbucks coffee every day may be something you enjoy, but it’s not something you need and it isn’t a valuable product to buy for a premium. Even if I was in the position to do so, buying a new car often means that the lure of buying a new car decreases.

We don’t need everything all the time. That’s what’s makes watermelon so great in my mind. Sometimes, less is more. So, enjoy the fruits of the season you are currently living. And when you’re thinking about buying something that you would enjoy but don’t really need, think to yourself, “Is it worth it at this current point in time?”

Now that you’ve read my post about watermelon, have a listen to this incredible song!


P.S. The first watermelon I ate this year came from a farmer selling ’em out of the back of a pickup truck in Virginia. When I asked how much it was, he said $9. I thought to myself, “That’s one expensive watermelon… Is it worth it?” Well, it sure was, because that huge, road trip watermelon that I bought for $9 was the sweetest, most priceless piece of fruit that I have ever enjoyed with my family.






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