The MVNO That Never Was: The Legend of RingPlus

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….

RingPlus and FreedomPop were two nemeses battling for the free phone service market. RingPlus offered legit service. It was still corky but much better than FreedomPop.

FreedomPop was bad. They were just horrible in comparison. Yet, FreedomPop won.


RingPlus was better and FreedomPop was worse, but that’s the reason FreedomPop survived and RingPlus didn’t. In the lawsuit, RingPlus stated that “Sprint fraudulently pulled them into a contract to take their patents.” Ringplus had something that Sprint didn’t, and they wanted it. FreedomPop, however, was just too nuts to even look at for Sprint. They go under the radar of the higher providers and MVNOs.

This is a classic example of how freemium works best. Freemium works best when you take something that isn’t great and you learn to improve it and make it great. RingPlus was truly great. And for that, they met a heroes death.

On this day, 4 Feb, 2017, The Freemium Fellow lost a dear friend.

RingPlus is dead.






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