Landa: Crowdfunded Real Estate Investing

I have been using an app called Landa since last summer. The company allows individuals to purchase “stock” in a rental property and receive a portion of the rental income each month. It is a very innovative solution that allows for more people to get into rental properties and start generating passive income. While Landa does take a percentage of the monthly rent before they disperse the remainder to shareholders of a given property, you also don’t have to pay to maintain the houses or fix any damages that may occur.

I haven’t had any problems with Landa yet, and it seems like a neat company for The Freemium Fellow to support. I also received a letter in the mail saying that I was among the first 5,000 individuals to signup and use Landa, which is exciting! Who knows, I could be on the ground floor of a great opportunity!

If you want to check out more about the company or download their app, you can find them here.






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