Honeygain: Phone Farm – Passive Income

Now, however, the profit remains steady at $0.15-$0.49 a day using 2 phones.

Per the picture above (taken in Feb 2020), at its peak, I was bringing in $1.10-$2.25 a day using a 9 phone Honeygain farm. The generated traffic on the right is kinda nuts.

Honeygain works by effectively paying you for a portion of your internet bandwidth that is used for advertising by other companies. It’s definitely a big data based service that could be seen as a privacy issue, but as long as account credentials and devices used are not your own, which mine are not used for personal use at all, then it’s a risk I’ll take. After all, Google could read my texts for years since I used Voice, so it’s nothing new.

Honeygain ultimately makes about $4.50-$14.70 per month. This effort compensates for the switch I made in December of last year from free phone service using Google Voice and FreedomPop to Red Pocket Mobile, which was a one-time fee of $99, or $8.25/mo, for a year of phone service.

Honeygain does a nice job of generating passive income that can be out into a general “technology fund” that I use for cellphone purchases or phone plans.

The phone farm at peak efficiency running Honeygain (Feb 2020)

The reasoning for the much lower daily income is that Honeygain only allows 2 devices per IP address now. I somehow was able to trick the app into letting me use 9 phones, but that was about 1 year ago directly before COVID-19 hit.

The current 2 device phone farm. Much sadder than before but it’s still functioning!






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