The Freemium Fellow says, “Go Monochrome!”

What’s your most precious resource? It’s time!

You can save all the money you want, but it doesn’t compare to the time you can spend on what’s important. Part of the Freemium Lifestyle is to spend more time doing and less time worrying. Simplifying your mind, thoughts, and routine has immense benefits. In an age where living a truly free lifestyle has become harder due to smartphone usage, I have one Christmas tip for you to try.

Making your smartphone screen black-and-white is one way to simplify your digital life. Articles that promote the idea have appeared in Lifehacker and The Atlantic. Some companies, like Blloc, are even using this as a marketing strategy and designing entire phones around it. Interestingly, they are marketing the simplicity of their monochrome, BllocZero18 smartphone as a luxury, which is evident in the $420 price tag.

Meet BllocZero18, the simplistic phone that celebrates minimalism in black and white
The BllocZero18, a pricey, minimalist smartphone, embraces the monochrome design.


But you don’t need to buy a fancy new smartphone to cut the color out of your phone; the feature is already built into Android and iPhone. Check out this link to see how to turn on monochrome mode on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

The way I see it, every second spent looking at Snapchat or Instagram could have been time invested in yourself. Who knows, maybe the monochrome revolution will be the next “hot” thing on the block!

So, “Go Monochrome!”








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