A 2001 Book and the Internet

“The ‘re-centralisation’ of the internet through these cloud solutions is now causing the very problems the original design of the internet was intended to avoid through redundancy. It’s important we consider an approach that moves us away from single points of failure or we will likely see more issues like we did today” (from below article).


In “Net Force: Cybernation,” content delivery networks (CDNs) are the targets through which hackers cause large scale internet outrages occur. That book was written in 2001 and does and speaks quite elegantly to the Fastky issue earlier this year. Moreover, the book describes the difference between the “web” and the “net” and how those two elements that are often interchangeably used to refer to the internet at large are distinctly different. The key difference has to deal with redundancy and the inability for computers to be rerouted through copious connections, or nodes. Instead, internet connections are usually setup in such a way that funnels traffic through a larger node that is setup to handle specific connections requests.

This is supposed to make connections quicker and more efficient, but it brings with it brings with it massive connection centralization. This means the internet today is much different than it initially was intended to be and is more susceptible to damaging cyberattacks that cause affect uptime.

More on this later.






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