Month: December 2018

  • The Freemium Fellow says, “Go Monochrome!”

    The Freemium Fellow says, “Go Monochrome!”

    What’s your most precious resource? It’s time! You can save all the money you want, but it doesn’t compare to the time you can spend on what’s important. Part of the Freemium Lifestyle is to spend more time doing and less time worrying. Simplifying your mind, thoughts, and routine has immense benefits. In an age…

  • Free Phone Service

    Free Phone Service

    Today, I am excited to share something that I am really passionate about: free cellphone service. My monthly cellphone bill comes to $0, and I owe it all to FreedomPop and Google Voice. With FreedomPop, a freemium based phone company that is an MVNO on the Sprint and AT&T networks, I am allotted 700MBs of…

  • Get Money for Old Receipts!

    Get Money for Old Receipts!

    Hi there! If you have a smartphone, check out the CoinOut app. This is a super simple, no strings attached app that lets you snap a photo of your old receipt and get money for it. You can get anywhere from $.01 to $.20 per receipt and you can currently take pictures of about 5…