Month: January 2021

  • #EatTheRich


    Well, I’ve been learning a lot since this morning! Below are two resources that helped me better understand what is happening with GameStop ($GME) and WallStreetBets and why it is such a huge deal. Here is a FANTASTIC explanation of what's going on with Reddit, Gamestock, the stock market, and the hedge funders who are…

  • WallStreetBets Revolution: A Freemium People Rise Up

    WallStreetBets Revolution: A Freemium People Rise Up

    As one Reddit user puts it so eloquently, “This is some Bruce Wayne shit. We saw what they did to our parents, we gained super powers and we are back for blood as the anti hero.” What is going on on r/wallstreetbets is bonkers, and it’s a pretty incredible sight. Just read u/ssauronn’s post to…

  • Podcast: ‘From Now’

    Podcast: ‘From Now’

    The last episode in season 1 of From Now, a sci-fi thriller event that takes place in the not too distant future, just came out yesterday. It is fantastic! Definitely one of my favorite new podcasts out there combining excellent storytelling with space, technology, and an all-star cast of voice actors. It is also deeper…