Month: June 2019

  • The BEST Place To Buy Cheap Glasses

    The BEST Place To Buy Cheap Glasses

    The best place to buy cheap glasses is The ruling is unequivocal, as I have had outstanding experience purchasing glasses from Zenni. A pair of brand new, quality prescription glasses costs as little as $7! ($about $12 with shipping). Just yesterday, I got a new pair of sleek, Clark Kent style glasses to complete…

  • The Freemium Fellow (Summer) Snack #1

    The Freemium Fellow (Summer) Snack #1

    I am a big fan of fast food. McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc. are the best (steer clear of Chick-Fil-A though. It just isn’t worth the price!). I came up with “The Freemium Fellow Snack #1” (TFFS1), which is composed of the following items from Burger King: 1. 10-piece chicken nuggets – $1.49 2.…

  • Freemium Intuition

    Freemium Intuition

    Search hard enough and you will find the deal. I just got back from Walmart after seeing the Anker charger pictures above, which is unequivocally considered the best charger out right now, on sale at my local store. After asking around for about 30 minutes l, I was just about to give up looking. However,…